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Bed Bugs can invade your home by hitching a ride on any soft fabric or upholstered surfaces, including; backpacks, purses, used furniture, and more. Once inside your home, it is easy for them to travel from room to room and they multiply rapidly. Bed Bugs like to live in small crevices with easy access to humans, which is why they are most often found in bedding such as mattresses, pillows, box springs, and other upholstery. With that said, bed bugs can also live in wallpaper, baseboards, picture frames and other snug spaces.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  1. Rust Reddish Stains on Sheets or Mattresses - Crushed Bed Bugs
  2. Dark "Pin-Dot" Sized Spots - Bug Excrement
  3. Small Eggs and Eggshells (About 1 mm) and Pale Yellow Shed Skins
  4. Seeing Live Bed Bugs
  5. If You Have Red Itchy Bites - Bed Bugs Feed At Night and Their Bites Can Cause Welts
  6. A Strong Musty "Wet-Towel" Smell