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5 Practical Tips to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

Rodents like mice and rats are usually a nuisance when they infest your home. They can damage your house because they will often chew through your clothes or pipes. Furthermore, rats and mice may contaminate your food, causing diseases like Hantavirus. This blog outlines essential tips you can implement to eradicate rodents in your home.

1. Schedule Pest Removal

The main advantage of hiring a pest removal company is their experience in pest control. They have experts trained and licensed in various pest control methods. These professionals will devise a plan to get rid of the rodents and advise you on how to avoid future infestations.

Additionally, they have the technology to eradicate rodents in your home. For instance, some pest control companies use an electronic rodent monitoring system to manage pests in people’s homes. The system aids in detecting rodents because of the sensors in the traps. Ultimately, hiring a pest control company is one of the best ways of handling your rodent problem.

2. Seal Entry Points

One reason rodents infest people’s houses is because of the warm environment. The rodents may sneak into your house if the outside climate is cold. Thus, one must seal their house’s entry points, denying them access.

The best way to seal all entry points is to hire a pest control agency. These professionals know the main entry points and will use a sealant that is impossible for the rodents to chew on. Furthermore, these pest control companies have the personnel to seal all the areas in your house because it is labor-intensive. Hiring a professional to seal these entry points gives you peace of mind knowing rodents cannot enter your home.

3. Eliminate Food Sources

Another way to eradicate rodents in your home is to remove all food sources. Pests require little food for survival; all they need are food crumbs. Thus, one should store dry foods like grains in glass and metal containers. These containers are ideal because the rodents cannot chew through them.

Additionally, clean the floor or table whenever you spill food. Leaving the spilled food on the floor for extended periods attracts pests. Furthermore, place the garbage bin safely from your home to prevent the rodents from getting inside your house. Putting the garbage bin far from your house also prevents the odor from reaching your house.

4. Eliminate Nesting Materials

Rodents usually find suitable nesting materials after infesting your home. Thus, one must destroy these materials to eradicate pests. For instance, store all fabric, blankets, and rugs in storage bins that the rodents cannot chew through.

Furthermore, inspect your home and remove possible nesting materials. For instance, remove the foliage and tree branches close to your home. Also, clean your house and remove all the garbage.

5. Set Live Traps

Traps are an effective way of removing rodents in your home. However, you should know where the rodents live before setting the traps. For instance, inspect your house and search for these pests’ droppings to determine their living areas. Moreover, set up different traps to increase the chances of capturing the rodents.

Check the traps regularly to confirm whether the rodent has been caught. Change the location of these traps after a few days to prevent the rodents from sidestepping them.

Owners should schedule pest control services as soon as they notice rodents in their homes. Otherwise, you risk a full-blown pest infestation. Homeowners in Texas may contact EcoNet Family Friendly Pest Control for professional extermination services. We offer free quotes as part of our customer service. Let us know what questions or concerns you may have.

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